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Chapter 3. Projects

Registration process

Project registration is not an automatic process. Approval from site administrators is needed, and will be granted if the submission includes sufficient detail in project description, and if the nature of the project is concordant with site's philosophy and goals. A user wanting to register a project, thus benefiting from site's services, will need to undergo five steps:

  1. Hosting services and requirements

    The user is informed of services provided (aimed at software development, documentation, event organization, system administration of machines etc.), and the conditions of use.

  2. Project description and dependencies

  3. Project full and unix names

    The "Full Name" is descriptive, not too restrictive (except from a 40 character limit) and can be changed later on. The "System Name" can only be changed by the site administrators, and has several restrictions because it is used in many places around server system, including directory names, CVS repository name, group names, etc.

  4. Choice of license

  5. Project type

    The site can host different types of project. The kind of project selected will pre-choose tools that will be available for that project.

After submitting the project registration request, the user must wait for approval, rejection, or further information requests. A mail notification is sent to the user, with an URL to visit in the case the submittal needs to be completed before approval can take place.

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