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Functionalities and configuration

Once registered, a user will be able to use the web interface to keep track of issues of interest to her/him, as well as editing personal information and configuring preferences regarding site appearance and notification handling. This is done through to the following personal sections:

My Incoming Items

Provides a list of recent items (less than 16 days old) the user should have a look at. These include:

  • Items recently posted on trackers managed by the user that are still unassigned

  • Items that have been recently assigned to the user (by someone else)

  • News posted on projects the user is a member of

My Items

List of items assigned to or submitted by the user.

My Groups

Shows a list of groups (projects) the user is a member of (as administrator, and as contributor), as well as a form for asking for inclusion in a new group.

This section also shows partners being watched. Watching a partner (receiving a copy of all the notification sent to him/her) permits to act as backup when the partner is away from the office, or to do QA to all his/her activities on a project.

My Account Conf

Divided into three subsections, this area provides:

  1. Personal information edition.

    Includes GPG key addition (allowing message encryption and origin certification), as well as a resume and skills section to post details about user's experience and skills.

  2. Authentication handling

    Two authentication methods are used: password to gain access to the web interface, and SSH key pair to gain access to the remote system via shell (be it secure shell access, or to run rsync or cvs commands). Through this interface, a public key must be registered by a user member of a group wishing to access sub-systems.


Through this section, the user can customize certain aspects (theme/colour scheme, integrated bookmarks use, email address visibility, order in which items are displayed), and edit personal notification settings. The user can customize which of the following item events will trigger notifications, depending on user's role in the item (submitter, assignee, cc, commenter):

  • Addition/removal from the role

  • Addition of new follow-up comment

  • Addition of new file attachment

  • Inclusion/removal of new CC address

  • Item closing

  • Priority, status, severity changes

  • Any other change

  • Submission of new item

In addition, this subsection allows reminder configuration: users can receive reminders about opened items assigned to them, when their priority is higher than 5; as well as subject line configuration of notifications.

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