manLocal Administration - In Depth Guide

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Functionalities and configuration

The public information and utilities your project will display to any kind of user include:

  1. General project details:

    • Short project description and its license

    • Membership info: project admins, and project members (automatically generated).

    • Group identification: id, system name, name, and group type (automatically generated).

  2. Latest news

  3. Quick Overview

    • Project homepage

    • Filelist (download area)

    • Project memberlist

  4. Communication Tools

    • Support Manager (tracker)

    • Mailing lists

    • Forum (this is a deprecated feature, which might not be available)

  5. Development Tools

    • Source Code Manager and repository

    • Bug tracker

    • Task manager (tracker)

    • Patch manager (this tracker is a deprecated features, which might not be available)

Being logged in as administrator of the project you'll be able to access the administration interface, through which you can configure different kinds of features, that we will now examine.


Through this area, you will define the general characteristics of your project:

  • Project description

    Introduce a new project description, or edit an existing one. You can also set the stage your project is at (planning->...->mature).

  • Active features

    Choose what features/services you want for your project. You can activate or deactivate a feature/artifact (homepage, download area, different trackers, mailing lists...), from the list available for your group type (previously defined by the site's administrator). In some cases, depending on the system administrator's choices, you can even change the URL for a feature/artifact. If the "alternative url" field is empty, the standard is used.

  • Add/Remove group members

  • Set tracker permissions and notification policy

    You will inherit posting and group permissions for trackers from your group type, but can modify them to suit your particular needs. You can also customize the list of addresses that will be notified of tracker events, with global and per category include/exclude lists. Another configuration option regarding trackers, if the defaults do not suit you, is to copy the configuration of other projects in the platform you are a member of. More on tracker configuration will be seen in the next chapter.

  • Show history

    Keep track of all your project's modifications

  • Post/edit jobs

    You can publicly offer jobs, that will appear in the "Help wanted" section at the platform's homepage. You must set a category for the job offer (translator, support manager, developer, ...) and submit a description of the tasks to accomplish.

Mailing lists

Mailing list feature is provided through Mailman. You can create a new public or private mailing list, with the naming restrictions set by the system administrator. Links for list administration are also provided, connecting with Mailman's list administration interface, having access to all its functionality.


From the Administration->News menu, you will be able to set news notification. However, news management (approval/deletion) is done through the Public->News menu. The News management link will only be visible if you are logged in as the project administrator. Before being published, news must be approved first by project admin.


This is a deprecated feature, for which support is no longer provided. The Savane team disfavor its usage, and it is likely it won't be available for your project. If it is, through the forum administration menu you'll be able to create new forums, and set group members to monitor them.

Trackers (support, bugs, tasks, patches)

Tracker management and configuration is a large issue, so it will be handled on its own in the next chapter.

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