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GNU Direvent Version 5.4 posted by gray, Wed Jul 3 11:55:00 2024 - 0 replies
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GNU Direvent Version 5.4

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Wed Jul 3 11:55:00 2024.

GNU direvent version 5.4 is available for download.

New in this version:

Simultaneous execution limits

It is possible to limit number of command instances that are allowed to run simultaneously for a particular watcher. This is done using
the max-instances statement in watcher section.

Restore the nowait default

In previous version, watchers waited for the handler to terminate, unless given the nowait option explicitly. It is now fixed and nowait is the default, as
described in the documentation.

Fix bug in generic to system event translation

Fix sentinel code

In some cases setting the sentinel effectively removed the original watcher. That happened if the full file name of the original watcher
and its directory part produced the same hash code.


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