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Version 5.3 posted by gray, Thu Dec 30 09:18:02 2021 - 0 replies
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Version 5.3

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Thu Dec 30 09:18:02 2021.

Version 5.3 of direvent is available for download.

New in this version:

New event: "change"

The change event is implemented on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. This event is delivered when a file was modified and closed.

New configuration statement for manipulating the environment

The environ statement is now a compound statement. It can contain five kinds of substatements: clear to clear the environment, keep to retain certain variables while clearing the environment, set to set a variable, unset to unset a variable or variables, and eval to evaluate a variable reference for side effects.

Both keep and unset can take globbing pattern as their argument, in which case they affect all variables matching that pattern.

Arguments to all these statements are subject to variable expansion.

The environ block can appear in global context as well. In this case it applies to all watchers.

The support for the old one-line environ syntax is retained for backward compatibility.

Variable expansion in arguments to some configuration statements

Both macro and environment variables are expanded in arguments to all substatements of the new environ block statement and in the argument to the command statement. In the latter case, expansion of the environment variables is controlled by the shell option. If the option is set, the variable will be expanded by the shell. Otherwise, they are expanded by direvent prior to invoking the command.

Recursive watching support rewritten

In particular, this fixes the bug where recursive watchers silently assumed that the create generic event was configured for the watcher.

Changed interface for bulk closing of file descriptors

To speed up launching of the user commands, system-dependent interfaces for closing the file descriptors above the given one are used, if available.


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