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Version 5.2

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sat Jul 13 16:50:45 2019.

Version 5.2 is available for download.
New in this version:

The path statement can refer to a regular file

Prior versions of direvent required the argument to the "path" statement to refer to an existing directory. This requirement is now
lifted. The pathname can refer to any type of file (not only a directory). Moreover, the file is not required to exist. If it does
not exist, direvent will set up an auxiliary watcher (called a "sentinel"), that will wake up upon creation of the file with that
pathname and will set up the configured watcher once it is created.

The process is reversed when the file referred to by the "path" statement is deleted. In that case, the configured watcher is
deactivated and a sentinel is set up which will bring it back when the destination file or directory is created.

This mode of operation ensures that the configured watcher will always be operational.

Other changes

  • Fix watcher removal on BSD-like systems.
  • Configuration changes
    • multiple environ statements


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