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Version 1.3 released

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sat Oct 1 14:00:49 2016.

GNU pies version 1.3 is available for download from the Main GNU.ORG and GNU.ORG.UA archives.

The main new feature of this release: GNU pies can now be used as init process daemon - the first process started during booting. The configuration can be supplied both as a traditional /etc/inittab file or as a native GNU pies configuration file. The control interface provides extensive monitoring and management capabilities.

Other new features:

Control interface

The running GNU Pies instance can be queried and reconfigured on the fly via a TCP socket (either UNIX or INET). A new utility piesctl is included, which provides command line interface for inspecting the state of components, reloading configuration (including addition or removal of configuration files on the fly), stopping and restarting components, etc.

Changes in configuration

Two new flags are provided:

- siggroup

This flag instructs pies to send termination signal to the process group of the process being stopped.

- nullinput

Do not close standard input. Redirect it from /dev/null instead. Use this option with commands that require their standard input to be open (e.g. pppd nodetach).

String concatenation

The adjacent string concatenation feature proved to create more problems than solutions (in particular, with the env statement) and was removed.


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