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Version 1.5 posted by gray, Mon Dec 14 09:54:58 2020 - 0 replies
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Version 1.5

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Mon Dec 14 09:54:58 2020.

Version 1.5 is available for download from the main GNU software archive and GNU.ORG.UA archive.

New in this release:

Detect if pies is started from docker

This makes the --no-init option unnecessary.

When running with PID 1, install SIGCHLD handler early

This is to make sure the exited preprocessor command is cleaned up properly.

Fix cyclic dependency detection

New component flag: expandenv

The expandenv flag instructs pies to parse the command line and to expand any references to environment variables within it as the Bourne shell would have done it. This allows for expanding the environment variables without the overhead of actually running the shell.

This flag is incompatible with the shell flag. When both are used, the preference is given to shell and a warning message to that effect is issued.

Component standard stream redirection rewritten from scratch

In particular, redirecting stdout/stderr to syslog no longer requires starting an auxiliar process.

The component.facility configuration statement is withdrawn

To specify a particular facility, use the fully qualified facility.priority argument to the stdout or stderr statement, e.g.:

New configuration statement

The statement configures the socket to communicate with the syslog daemon. Its argument is either the file name of the local socket or the IP[:_PORT_] specification, e.g.

Global env section

The env section appearing in global context modifies the environment for the main pies process. This modified environment will be inherited by all processes started by pies in the course of its normal operation.

  • New control endpoint /alive

An HTTP response to GET /alive/PROG reflects the current state of the component PROG: 200 if it is running, 503 if not, and 404 if there's no such component.


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