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Version 1.8 posted by gray, Sat Aug 13 08:39:42 2022 - 0 replies
Version 1.6 posted by gray, Sun Jan 2 10:09:37 2022 - 0 replies
Version 1.6 posted by gray, Wed Jul 7 08:59:41 2021 - 0 replies
Version 1.5 posted by gray, Mon Dec 14 07:54:58 2020 - 0 replies
Version 1.4 posted by gray, Tue Jul 2 14:02:06 2019 - 0 replies
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Version 1.8

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sat Aug 13 08:39:42 2022.

GNU pies version 1.8 is available for download. New in this release:

sigterm SIG

This statement, available for use in "component" sections, defines signal which pies should send to the running component instance in order to terminate it. Defaults to SIGTERM.

Component shutdown sequence

The shutdown sequence is determined taking into account dependencies between components, so that each component is stopped before components
it depends on.

Fallback log file

Fallback log file is a place where pies writes out of band log messages, i.e. messages about not being able to open syslog socket or send logs to it. Regular log messages are diverted to this file if syslog was requested, but cannot be used because of a permanent error.


  • Fix piesctl config reload
  • Fix configuration preprocessing.
  • Various fixes in REST API server.


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