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Hypertext links for LaTeX (migrated away)Hypertext links for LaTeX (migrated away)Software
IdestID3 Edit and Scripting ToolSoftware
ImprimaturA set of Texinfo macros and Makefile rules for verification of Texinfo documents.Software
IonIon runs the supplied program ensuring that its three standard streams are connected to a tty. Normally this means that the program's stdin, stdout, and stderr will be line-buffered. Software
ipacctIpacct is a program for IP traffic accounting.Software
Jabber Over HTTPA Jabber Over HTTP server.Software
jumperJumper brings VPN (or other) links on demand. It listens on network interfaces for packets destined to certain networks and brings up necessary links if required.Software
kbdlockA very simple console locker for GNU/Linux.Software
LaTeX makedtxPerl script to help gen­er­ate dtx and ins filesSoftware
LaTeX reference manual Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual, in Texinfo.Software
Listings package for LaTeXSource code formatter for LaTeX.Software
m4kwargsKeyword arguments in m4 macrosSoftware
mailfromd -- a general-purpose milterMailfromd is a flexible general-purpose mail filter for Sendmail, Postfix and MeTA1.Software
mbarmailbox archiver Software
micronMicron is an implementation of the UNIX cron daemon, a program that executes periodically various tasks. It aims to provide several enhancements while being mostly backward-compatible with the two most widely used cron implementations: Vixie and Dillon crSoftware
miguel the keyboard controllerDesign files and accompanying software for a keyboard controller aiming to be TEMPEST-resistant.Software
mixMIX is a simulator and assembler for the MIX computer as described in "The Art of Computer Programming" by Donald E. Knuth.Software
mmprirsyslog module for altering the facility (and, optionally, severity) messagesSoftware
Mojo::Log::SyslogSyslog logging for Mojo applicationsSoftware

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