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Free Software

guppy is a free multilingual live chat (IRC) bot for common tasks like calculation, web search, words and domain look-up.

We are looking for people who can help with the storage and display of multilingual documentation in HTML format and in man pages. To assist, please come to live chat or send an email.

What guppy does

guppy responds to you in a group chat, answering inquiries about mathematics, time, string replacement, weather, and games. guppy has documentation in English, Russian, Hungarian, and Norwegian. You can install guppy on UNIX, Windows, Linux, and Mac, and connect with TLS and IPv6 connections to one or several chat networks.

guppy is free software, and you are free to read what it does, modify it, and share your modified copy with friends and family.

Come speak with guppy at the live chat using the direct link, or webchat.


guppy has been written by a dozen of people, whose effort is greatly appreciated. These people are listed in the documentation, as well as at the top of each file which they have contributed to.

Currently guppy is being maintained by Svetlana, who speaks English and Russian and is located in the 'Australia/Sydney' time zone. Svetlana is available by e-mail, as well as at the live chat with the nickname 'Sveta'. Please see more details in the 'contact' section.

How you can help

- Start to use IRC, such as the freenode or OFTC networks, today. This is a great way to share and receive expert information on technical topics, or boost your IT career. IRC also helps you improve your communication in real time chat, and exposes you to opportunities to self-develop in a range of directions, such as coding, documenting, art work, translation, outreach, and presentation.
- Run guppy and share your feedback about how easy or hard it was to get started.
- Test guppy's plugins and tell how they can be improved.
- Add your translation.
- Write your own plugin. guppy is in Python 3 with extensible event-driven plugins API. A sample plugin is included in the `extra/` file. Usage information is in the guppy man page and authors information is in the CREDITS file.
- Package guppy for your operating system or distribution.


- E-mail:
- Chat: irc:// (For more information about the freenode IRC network, supporting free and open-source communities since 1998, please visit )

Registration Date: Wed Apr 13 22:46:59 2016
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


Latest News 
back online
     posted by svetlana, Tue Nov 26 04:04:12 2019 - 0 replies

guppy2 is now back online at #guppy live chat at freenode.

She responds to '-help'.

News mail
     posted by svetlana, Wed Feb 7 05:36:03 2018 - 0 replies

News mail is now also sent to the guppy-discuss mailing list.

Bugs notifications
     posted by svetlana, Wed Feb 7 05:32:51 2018 - 0 replies

The 'Support' and 'Bugs' updates email notifications are now sent to the guppy-discuss mailing list. To subscribe, please visit <>.

2016: Move to hosting with an issue tracker
     posted by svetlana, Sat Apr 23 12:09:49 2016 - 0 replies

To work on the existing bugs with a working issue tracker, I (Svetlana) now moved guppy to this new freedom-respecting host.

The old bugs are now in our new bug tracker too.

As before, live chat support is available at freenode:

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