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Version 1.3

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Fri Oct 29 06:46:51 2021.

Version 1.3 is available for download.


New in this version:

Appending cronjob output to a file

Output of a cronjob can be captured and appended to a disk file, instead of sending it via email or logging it using syslog. This feature is controlled by the _MICRON_OUTFILE (global) and _JOB_OUTFILE (per-job) built-in variables.

New option -P FILE

Writes PID of the running process to FILE. The file will be removed when the program terminates.

Option -v replaces -o

To set initial value of a built-in variable, use the "-v NAME=VALUE" option.

The -V option

To obtain the micrond or crontab version, use the -V option.

The -W option

The option -W OPT sets micrond internal options. In this version, only one such option is implemented: paranoid_memfree. When -Wparanoid_memfree& is specified, micrond* will free all allocated memory before terminating. Normally this isn't needed, as the operating system will reclaim that memory anyway. Use this option if you run micrond under valgrind or another memory leak detector, in order to avoid
spurious warnings.

Fix allocation of environment and built-in variables defined in crontabs


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