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Version 1.0

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Wed Feb 3 16:37:11 2021.

Micron version 1.0 is available for download. This is the first official release. New in this release:

Restore signal handlers in cronjobs

Improvemens in foreground mode

Redirect /dev/null to stdin

This ensures that the cronjobs don't remain attached to the console.

New micrond option: -S

This option instructs micrond to log its diagnostic messages to syslog even when running in foreground (using the -f option). This is useful when starting micrond as a systemd service.

Vixie-style input specification

A percent sign in the job command line terminates the command. Any material to the right of it is taken as the standard input to the command. Occurrences of percent sign in the input text are replaced with newlines.

To use literal percent sign in the command, prefix it with a backslash or place it inside a pair of single or double quotes.

To use literal percent sign in the input text, prefix it with a backslash.

Terminate all running cronjobs before exiting

Before exiting, micrond checks if any of the commands it started are still running. If so, it terminates them. This is done in two steps: first, the SIGTERM is sent to all running jobs and they are given 60
seconds to terminate (the timeout is configurable, see the -t option below). Any job that is still running after this time is sent the SIGKILL signal.

New micrond option: -t timeout

Sets the cronjob termination timeout.

Fix micrond.8 manual page

Provide full documentation in texinfo format

Fix memory leaks


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