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Item handling

Once an item has been posted to a tracker, several actions can be taken:

  • Follow up comments can be posted. Canned responses can be defined, giving generic answers to common problems, and thus saving a lot of time. No default canned responses are available, and must be defined for each particular project. Attached files can also be included.

  • Mail notification CC list. List of email addresses to be notified upon updates of the item.

  • Dependencies. A search facility is provided to find other items to set dependency relationships with. These can be established across tracker kinds (support to bug, etc) and across projects.

  • Item reassignation. An item can be moved from one tracker to another, for example a support request can be moved into the bug tracker. It can also be reassigned to a different project.

  • Finally, a history of item changes is provided.

However, not all these possibilities will be open to any project member, since there are different predefined roles for tracker and item handling. When a user becomes part of a group, he/she will inherit a default role, defined by Savane server administrators for the group type, or by the own project administrator. Through Administration->Set Member Permissions menu, project admin will be able to edit default role values for new members, as well as assign roles to members on an individual basis (an editable list of group members and their roles is displayed).

Tracker roles

Below are the different roles group members can play regarding trackers:

  • Technicians:

    Only technicians can be assigned tracker's items. They cannot reassign items, change their status or priority.

  • Managers:

    Managers can fully manage tracker items, including assigning items to technicians, reassigning items over trackers and projects, changing priority and status of items - but they cannot configure the trackers.

  • Project admins:

    Can manage members, configure the trackers, post jobs, and add mailing-list. They actually also have manager rights on every tracker and are allowed to read private items.

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