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Tracker configuration

Savane's trackers can be finely configured to fit your needs. Through the project's Administration menu, you'll be able to:

Manage field usage and values

You can define which fields you want to use with a particular tracker for your project. (remark: some of the fields are mandatory and cannot be removed). There are more than 25 standard pre-defined fields to chose from, in addition to custom text field, text area, select box and date fields you can use to incorporate your own fields, tailored to your needs.

You can also define and modify a series of field properties, including:

  • Visible field size and maximum length

  • Allow empty value

  • Keep change history

  • Display properties: you can assign a rank on screen (will determine the position of the field in the form: lower number ranks have a higher priority, and will appear first), and which submission forms it will be displayed on: those used by project members, logged in users, non-logged in users.

  • Define field values and transitions. You can add/edit values for a given field, in addition to creating transitions. By creating transitions from one field value to another, you'll be able to define if it is allowed or not, and, in addition, set other fields automatic update when the defined transition takes place. For example, if the Status field suffers a transition from 'none'->'done', you might want the Open/Closed field to change automatically to 'closed'.


    If you set an automatic update of the field Open/Closed, technicians will be able to close items by changing the value of the field Status.

Manage Query Forms

New query forms for the trackers can be defined. You can chose which fields will be used as a search criteria, and as an output column, in addition to setting ranks on search and output. Each query must be given a name, and a short description, so that a given user will be able to chose which query to use when searching for a given item. Two query forms are pre-defined, available for all projects, and cannot be edited: "basic" and "advanced".

Other settings

Again, you'll encounter the possibility of setting permissions (authentication level required to post messages) and managing notifications for the particular tracker, as well as copying the tracker's configuration from another project (thus overriding any configuration changes you might have done). Finally, you can also define a "submission form preamble", an introductory message showing at the top of the item submission form. It can be used to give a description of how you intend to use that particular tracker in your project.

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