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Browsing the SVN Repository

You can Browse the SVN repository of this project with your web browser. This gives you a good picture of the current status of the source files. You may also view the complete histories of any file in the repository as well as differences among two versions.


Getting a Copy of the SVN Repository

Anonymous SVN Access

This project's SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous SVN with the following instruction set. Replace dirname with the name of the directory you wish to check out (or omit it, if you wish to check out entire repository with all branches and tags). For projects with traditional SVN layout that would be trunk. If you're unsure, refer to project's specific instructions, or browse the repository.

Software repository :

svn checkout

Project Member SVN Access via SSH

Member access is performed using the SVN over SSH method.

The SSHv2 public key fingerprints for the machine hosting the svn trees are:

RSA: 2048 42:37:03:f6:39:2b:9c:4d:af:bd:c3:68:f7:eb:45:b9 
DSA: 1024 27:81:e0:42:6a:30:d9:7c:3e:c2:01:d9:7b:c5:66:04
ECDSA 256 bf:14:5d:ae:3d:11:0d:f7:bd:92:2d:6d:25:ae:f7:6f  

Software repository :

svn checkout svn+ssh://<membername>

User guide

For additional information about SVN, please refer to "Version Control with Subversion".
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