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5.6 Piesctl Command Line Options

-c file

Read configuration from file instead of the default /etc/piesctl.conf. See piesctl.conf, for its description.


Dump obtained responses verbatim. This is useful mainly for debugging purposes.

-i inst

Talk to pies instance inst.


Don’t read ~/.netrc file.

-u url

Specifies the URL of the communication socket. See piesctl url, for a description of allowed URL forms.


Enable verbose diagnostics.

Before parsing, configuration file is preprocessed using m4. The following options control this feature:


Show preprocessed configuration on stdout and exit.

-D symbol[=value]

Define symbol sym as having value, or empty, if the value is not given.

-I dir

Add directory dir to the list of directories to be scanned for include files. See include search path.

-U sym

Undefine symbol sym.

Finally, the following options can be used to obtain on-line assistance:


Show a terse reference to configuration file syntax and exit.


Display command line help summary.


Give a short usage message


Show program version.