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This is a general index of all issues discussed in this manual

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Index Entry  Section

#include: Preprocessor
#include_once: Preprocessor
#line: Preprocessor

--no-init: Docker Entrypoint
-D: Preprocessor
-E, introduced: Configuration
-U: Preprocessor

/etc/inetd.conf: inetd
/etc/meta1/meta1.conf: include-meta1
/etc/protocols: Inetd-Style Components
/etc/protocols: inetd configuration
/etc/services: inetd configuration

accept: Component Statement
accept-style components: Intro
access control lists: ACL
access-denied-message: Inetd-Style Components
acl: Inetd-Style Components
acl: ACL
acl: control
acl: control
ACL in TCPMUX services: TCPMUX
action: Exit Actions
active: /programs
admin-acl: Visibility
admin-acl: Visibility
admin-acl: control
admin-acl: control
all: User-Group ACLs
allgroups: Component Privileges
allgroups: Pies Privileges
allow: ACL
allow: ACL
argv: /programs
authenticated: User-Group ACLs

block statement: Statements
boolean value: Statements
builtin services: builtin

CF_IF_ENVAR: m4 environment
CF_WITH_ENVAR: m4 environment
chargen: builtin
chdir: Actions Before Startup
clear: Environment
command: Component Statement
command: /programs
command: TCPMUX
Comments in a configuration file: Comments
component: Intro
component: Component Statement
component: Component Statement
component tag: Component Statement
config: config
config: config
config: config
config: config
config: config
config-file, --config-file option, introduced: Configuration
config-file, --config-file option, summary: Invocation
config-help, --config-help option, introduced: Configuration
config-help, --config-help option, summary: Invocation
configuration file: Configuration
configuration file statements: Statements
control: control
control-file: State Files

daytime: builtin
debug: Pies Debugging
debug, --debug option, described: Pies Debugging
debug, --debug option, summary: Invocation
declaring prerequisites: Prerequisites
defacl: ACL
define, --define option, described: Preprocessor
define, --define option, summary: Invocation
DELETE: /instance
DELETE: /conf/files
DELETE: /conf/files
DELETE: /programs
DELETE: /programs
DELETE: /environ
deny: ACL
deny: ACL
dependencies: Command Line Usage
dependency: Dependencies
dependents: Prerequisites
dependents: Dependencies
dev: Global Configuration
disable: Component Statement
discard: builtin
docker: Docker Entrypoint
dump-depmap option, --dump-depmap option option, introduced: Command Line Usage
dump-depmap, --dump-depmap option, summary: Invocation

echo: builtin
env: Environment
env: env legacy syntax
env: Global Configuration
escape sequence: Statements
eval: Environment
exec: Component Statement
exec: Exit Actions
expandenv: Component Statement
expandenv: Early Environment Expansion
external preprocessor: Preprocessor

facility: Global Configuration
flags: Component Statement
flags: TCPMUX
force, --force option, summary: Invocation
foreground, --foreground option, summary: Invocation

GET: /instance
GET: /conf/files
GET: /programs
GET: /programs
GET: /runlevel
GET: /environ
GET: /environ
Global Configuration: Global Configuration
group: Component Privileges
group: User-Group ACLs
group: Pies Privileges

here-document: Statements
hup, --hup option, summary: Invocation

id, piesctl: id
identity-provider: Identities
idle-timeout: control
include directories, preprocessor: Preprocessor
include search path, preprocessor: Preprocessor
include-directory, --include-directory option, described: Preprocessor
include-directory, --include-directory option, summary: Invocation
include-inetd: inetd
include-meta1: include-meta1
inetd: Component Statement
inetd, --inetd option, described: inetd
inetd, --inetd option, summary: Invocation
inetd-style components: Intro
inetd-style components: Inetd-Style Components
inetd.conf: inetd
init: Init Process
initdefault: Init Process Configuration
instance: piesctl.conf
instance, --instance option, summary: Invocation
internal: Component Statement
internal flag: builtin
internal services: builtin

keep: Environment
keep: Environment

limits: Resources
limits: Global Configuration
lint, --lint option, introduced: Configuration
lint, --lint option, summary: Invocation
list: Statements
list: components
list-acl: Visibility
list-acl: Visibility

m4: Preprocessor
mailer: Notification
mailer-command-line: Notification
mailer-program: Notification
master: /programs
max-instances: Resources
max-instances: Inetd-Style Components
max-instances-message: Inetd-Style Components
max-ip-connections: Inetd-Style Components
max-ip-connections-message: Inetd-Style Components
max-rate: Inetd-Style Components
message: Exit Actions
message: Notification
meta1-queue-dir: include-meta1
meta1-style components: Intro
meta1-style components: Meta1-Style Components
mode: Component Statement
mode: /programs
multi-line comments: Comments

no-init, --no-init option, summary: Invocation
no-preprocessor, --no-preprocessor option, summary: Invocation
nostartaccept: Component Statement
Notification: Notification
notify: Exit Actions
notify: Notification
nullinput: Component Statement

pass: Component Statement
pass-fd: Component Statement
pass-fd-socket: Meta1-Style Components
pass-fd-timeout: Actions Before Startup
pass-style components: Intro
PID: /programs
pidfile: State Files
pies.conf: Configuration
piesctl: piesctl telinit
piesctl: piesctl telinit
piesctl: piesctl telinit
piesctl: piesctl telinit
piesctl: piesctl telinit
piesctl id: id
POST: /instance
POST: /conf/files
POST: /programs
pp-setup: Preprocessor
precious: Component Statement
preprocessor: Preprocessor
preprocessor include search path: Preprocessor
preprocessor, --preprocessor option, summary: Invocation
preprocessor, external: Preprocessor
prerequisite: Dependencies
prerequisites: Prerequisites
prerequisites, declaring: Prerequisites
privileges: Component Privileges
privileges: Pies Privileges
program: Component Statement
PUT: /instance
PUT: /programs
PUT: /programs
PUT: /runlevel
PUT: /environ

qotd: builtin
qotd-file: builtin
qotd-file: State Files
quoted string: Statements

rate, --rate option, summary: Invocation
realm: control
reboot: stop and reboot
reload, --reload option, summary: Invocation
remove-file: Actions Before Startup
repeater: Output Redirectors
resolve: Component Statement
respawn: Component Statement
respawn components: Intro
restart: components
restart-component, --restart-component option, described: Command Line Usage
restart-component, --restart-component option, summary: Invocation
return-code: Exit Actions
return-code: Exit Actions
return-code: Global Configuration
runlevels: /programs
runlevels: Init Process Configuration

sendmail: Notification
service: /programs
service: builtin
service: TCPMUX
set: Environment
shell: Component Statement
shell: Early Environment Expansion
shutdown: Component Statement
shutdown: stop and reboot
shutdown components: Intro
shutdown sequence: Global Configuration
shutdown-timeout: Global Configuration
siggroup: Component Statement
simple statements: Statements
single-line comments: Comments
smtps: Intro
sockenv: sockenv
sockenv: Component Statement
socket: Inetd-Style Components
socket: control
socket: piesctl.conf
socket environment variables: sockenv
socket-type: Inetd-Style Components
source: piesctl.conf
source-info: Pies Debugging
source-info, --source-info option, summary: Invocation
standard input: Component Statement
start: components
startup: Component Statement
startup components: Intro
stat-file: State Files
state files: State Files
state-directory: State Files
statement, block: Statements
statement, simple: Statements
statements, configuration file: Statements
status: /programs
status, --status option, summary: Invocation
stderr: Output Redirectors
stderr, --stderr option, summary: Invocation
stdin: Component Statement
stdout: Output Redirectors
stop: components
stop, --stop option, described: Command Line Usage
stop, --stop option, summary: Invocation
string: /conf/files
string: /conf/files
string: /runlevel
string: /runlevel
string: /runlevel
string: /runlevel
string, quoted: Statements
string, unquoted: Statements
syntax, --syntax option, summary: Invocation
syslog: Global Configuration
syslog, --syslog option, summary: Invocation

tag: Global Configuration
tag (component): Component Statement
tcpmux: Component Statement
tcpmux: builtin
tcpmux-master: TCPMUX
tcpmuxplus: Component Statement
telinit option, --telinit option option, introduced: telinit command
telinit, --telinit option, summary: Invocation
time: builtin
trace-depend, --trace-depend option, summary: Invocation
trace-prereq, --trace-prereq option, described: Command Line Usage
trace-prereq, --trace-prereq option, summary: Invocation
type: /programs

umask: Resources
umask: Global Configuration
undefine, --undefine option, described: Preprocessor
undefine, --undefine option, summary: Invocation
unset: Environment
URL: /programs
user: Component Privileges
user: Pies Privileges
user-acl: control
user-acl: control

wait: Component Statement
wakeup-time: /programs

xenv: xenv

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