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3.2.11 Component Visibility ACLs

Pies control interface allows certain users to list and modify components of a running pies instance. Two access control lists define who can list and modify the particular component.

Config: component: list-acl name
Config: component: list-acl { … }

This list controls who can get listing of this component (see piesctl list).

In the first form, name refers to the name of an already defined global ACL (see defacl).

The second form defines new unnamed ACL. The syntax is described in detail in ACL.

Config: component: admin-acl name
Config: component: admin-acl { … }

This list controls who can stop, restart or otherwise modify this component (see components).

As above, two forms are available: the first one for using an already defined named ACL, and the second one, for defining a new ACL in place.