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3.2.8 Output Redirectors

Output redirectors allow to redirect the standard error and/or standard output of a component to a file or syslog facility.

Config: component: stderr type channel
Config: component: stdout type channel

Redirect standard error (if stderr) or standard output (if stdout) to the given channel.

The type of redirection is specified by type argument:


Redirect to a file. In this case channel gives the full name of the file. For example:

stderr file /var/log/component/name.err;

Redirect to syslog. The channel parameter is either the syslog facility and priority separated by dot or the priority alone, in which case the facility will be taken from the syslog statement (see syslog).


stdout syslog;
stderr syslog err;

Valid facilities are: ‘user’, ‘daemon’, ‘auth’, ‘authpriv’, ‘mail’, ‘cron’, ‘local0’ through ‘local7’ (all names case-insensitive).

Valid priorities are: ‘emerg’, ‘alert’, ‘crit’, ‘err’, ‘warning’, ‘notice’, ‘info’, ‘debug’.