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Free Software

This collection has been decommissioned and is of historic interest only

This was a landing place for various tools that were considered either too small or too narrowly specialized to merit a separate project. Nevertheless, by now most of them have moved to separate projects. The main gsc package is decommissioned. The following repositories contain working projects that are implemented on servers, but whose future is not clear:

  • mansrv - a CGI server for manpages
  • mqrd - Sendmail quarantine queue manager daemon.
  • netplot - graphical processor for NetFlow exports.
  • syslogck - check whether syslog is working

Projects that used to be hosted here and that have now been moved to separate repositories:

  • acmeman - a tool for automatic updates of LetsEncrypt certificates,
  • fileserv - an extra-lightweight HTTP server for static content, designed to facilitate depolyment of LetsEncrypt certificates on servers running reverse proxy software,
  • List::Regexp - Perl module for converting a list of strings to a regular expression,
  • releaselogparser - Python framework for parsing release log files in various formats.
  • addts - a UNIX filter for marking each line of input with the timestamp (useful with Apache ForensicLog)
  • swu - a tool that examines what programs use the swap space on Linux.
  • tpnotify - notifies the Translation Project about new POT files.
  • mmpri - rsyslog module for altering the facility (and, optionally, severity) messages
  • mbar - a flexible mailbox archiver program based on GNU mailutils
  • tpnotify - Translation Project notification tool

Registration Date: Sun Apr 24 18:54:39 2005
License: GNU General Public License V3 or later
Development Status: 7 - Discontinued


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New version of gnupload script
     posted by gray, Thu Oct 16 13:11:20 2008 - 0 replies

A new version of the gnupload script is available in GSC repository ( It supports --symlink command line option, which allows to create symbolic links to the distributed files. Its common usage is to create `foo-latest.tar' links to the most recent tarballs.

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