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Version 2.1 released posted by gray, Sat Mar 11 16:08:36 2017 - 0 replies
Version 1.2 available posted by gray, Sun Apr 10 12:39:58 2011 - 0 replies
Version 1.1 released. posted by gray, Sun Mar 29 10:16:53 2009 - 0 replies
Version 1.0 released. posted by gray, Wed Mar 18 22:56:55 2009 - 0 replies
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Version 2.1 released

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sat Mar 11 16:08:36 2017.

Version 2.1 is available for download.

New in this release:

Convert textual frames to/from the currently used character set

The character set is deduced from the locale settings. It can also be set explicitly using the --charset option.

New option --broken-8bit-encoding

Use this option for files where textual frames are stored as ISO-8859-1, but are actually using another 8-bit encoding. The argument to this option is the name of the enchoding actually used.

In query mode, this option helps display such frames properly.

Use it with the --fixup option to fix such frames in the file.

New option --encoding

Specifies encoding to store textual frames in ID3 tags.

New option --fixup

Modifies the ID3 v2 tag so that it can be understood by most devices.

The --convert option can be used to remove unnecessary ID3 formats

For example, if the file input.mp3 contains both version 1 and 2 tags, the following will remove version 1 tags:

Fix processing of unknown frames

Fix operation of setpic and pic modules with Guile 2.x

Improve documentation


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