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Version 2.2

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sun Mar 4 15:20:32 2012.

Version 2.2 is available for download from GNU FTP and Puszcza FTP. Soon it should become available for download from other GNU mirrors.

New in this version:

New modules


This module provides support for GNU Collaborative International
Dictionary of English.


This module provides support for WordNet, a lexical database for the
English language developed in the Princeton University and distributed
under a BSD style license.


This module provides the following strategies:

word "Match separate words within headwords"
first "Match the first word within headwords"
last "Match the last word within headwords"


Provides the nprefix strategy. It is similar to prefix but returns the
specified range of matches. For example

returns at most <count> headwords whose prefix matches <string>,
skipping first <skip> unique matches.


Provides matching strategy based on Perl regular expressions.


Implements PAM authentication.

New utility: gcider

Gcider is a window-based application for browsing the GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

Configuration changes

The load-module statement allows for simplified usage. The form:

is equivalent to:


No messages in Version 2.2


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