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Version 2.1 available

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Wed Jul 7 20:08:55 2010.

The version 2.1 of GNU Dico is available for download from,, and its mirrors worldwide.

Normalized exit codes

The dicod server uses exit codes from sysexits.h

Replies to MATCH command

The dictorg backend filters out duplicate entries from MATCH replies. Only the first one from a sequence of such duplicates is retained.

New configuration statements

  • prepend-load-path

Acts much the same as module-load-path, but adds directories at front of the default Dico module directory.



The all strategy has been re-implemented as a loadable module. To enable this strategy in daemon, load the stratall module:


The new strategy substr matches a substring anywhere in the headword. To enable this strategy, load the substr module:


Dicod now supports LDAP as an underlying mechanism for storing
user databases. The LDAP support is loaded as a module:

See the LDAP Databases, for a detailed description.


Improved handling of databases without a descriptive name (previous version would throw exception for such cases).

The file renamed to

The file static/opensearch.xml has been moved to templates. If
you are upgrading from an earlier version, you may safely remove it.


  • Fixed improper handling of conversion errors in levenshtein.c (debian #582692)
  • Removed the use of fixed-size buffer in dictorg.c (fixes debian #582708)


No messages in Version 2.1 available


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