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Version 1.1 available posted by gray, Sat Jul 3 08:19:44 2010 - 0 replies
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Version 1.1 available

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sat Jul 3 08:19:44 2010.

The version 1.1 of Smap is available for download from

New in this version:

New configuration statements

- prepend-load-path

Adds specified path at the beginning of the current load path

- append-load-path

Sinonym to load-path

Key condition

New dispatch condition key compares key with the given pattern. As with map, three kinds of comparison are supported: literal, globbing pattern and regular expression.

Transform capability

Transform capability is an optional feature provided by some
databases. It allows for transforming incoming requests following a certain set of rules.

Transforms are requested in dispatch rules, e.g.:

This rule applies to any request which has its key enclosed in
angle brackets. It applies the transformation method `dequote'
(which should be defined prior to this statement) to the
key. After the method returns, the rule scanning is
resumed with the modified key value.

New module sed

This module allows to modify queries using sed-like expressions.
For example, the declaration of the `dequote' database, used in
the example above, could be:

New module mysql

Provides an interface to MySQL DBMS.

New module postgres

Provides an interface to PostgreSQL DBMS.


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