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6 Copying Tags Between Files

To copy tags from one file to another, use the --copy (-c) option. Its argument supplies the source file. Non-optional arguments supply destination files:

$ idest --copy sample.mp3 track1.mp3 track2.mp3

As a result of this operation all tags from sample.mp3 will be copied to track1.mp3 and track2.mp3.

As in other operations, you can abridge the scope of copying to a certain subset of frames by using the --filter option, e.g.:

$ idest --copy sample.mp3 --filter TPE1,TCOM \
        track1.mp3 track2.mp3

You can also use --copy together with --set in a single invocation. In this case, the frames will first be copied from the source file and then the resulting tags will be modified according to the --set options. For example:

$ idest --copy sample.mp3 --filter TPE1,TCOM \
        --set year=2003 track1.mp3 track2.mp3