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7 Deleting Tags and Frames

The --delete (-d) option instructs idest to remove ID3 tags from the file (or files). If no argument is specified, all tags are deleted:

$ idest --delete *.mp3

After this operation, all ID3 data are irrevocably lost, so use it with caution.

A list of frame names can be given either with the --filter option, or (for compatibility with idest 1.x) as an argument to --delete (similarly to --query). For example, to delete only comment and genre tags:

$ idest --delete --filter=comment,genre *.mp3


$ idest --delete=comment,genre *.mp3

Specifying ‘comment’ (a non-qualified form) results in removing all comment frames. To remove a particular one, use its qualified form:

$ idest --delete --filter=comment::Bit_Rate track01.mp3

The same applies to other frames that can appear multiple times (see Frames).