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You can create a Git repository for your project by checking the Git feature in the project's Select Features page. As any other repository-related task, actual creation of the repository is handled by a backend job within the nearest synchronization interval. The same scheduling applies to another features discussed below in this article.

This master repository can be cloned from the following URLs:


where project stands for the short (UNIX) name of the project and username for your login name.

Git repositories can be browsed online on or In these interfaces each repository has three documentation items associated with it: owner, description and about page. Owner is the name of the person or persons running the repository or a contact email. Description is a short sentence, tersely describing the repository. Finally, the about page provides a longer overview of the repository, often with some additional markup and links to other resources.

These items can be configured from the project's main menu. To do so, select Source Code and then Edit Repository Info.

Apart from its master repository, a project may have any number of subordinate (or additional) repositories. An additional repository can be requested from the project's main menu by selecting Source Code and then Add a Subordinate Repository.

Subordinate repositories can be cloned from the following URLs:


where reponame is the repository name and project is the short (UNIX) name of the project it belongs to.

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