manLocal Administration - In Depth Guide

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About this document

The aim of this document is to provide an overview of what Savane is, what features it has, and how they can be configured by users and project administrators. It has two types of content: generic description of the application, features, and basic concepts, and more practical sections, focusing on how to configure a user account, and a project, at a Savane powered site. This second part can be used as a configuration guide, although, inevitably, it is also a description of Savane functionality, providing a complementary insight to the first part.

In choosing what to include or exclude from this document, I took into account the existing documentation on Savane. My objective was to "fill holes" and avoid repetition. As a result this guide:

  • Does not provide technical descriptions of how things work, or configuration instructions for site administrators (you can refer to the Savane installation guide for that).

  • Does not explain how to use Savane project services: how to upload files to download area, how to commit changes to the repository, etc. (implementing platforms, such as Gna! and Savannah offer useful and concise FAQs on these topics).

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