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How a Savane powered platform works

In such a platform, we will have different kinds of users: platform maintainers, project members, generic users. Each of them will have different access level to various services and artifacts. Savane provides the following pre-defined role scheme to control access and use:

  1. Anonymous user

    Anyone visiting the platform web pages. Will be able to read public information, and depending on project configuration, post items on certain trackers.

  2. Logged-in user

    Anyone who has registered a user account at the platform. Will be able to request project registration, as well as posting items on certain trackers (depending on project configuration).

  3. Group member

    Any registered user member of a group. Will be able to post on trackers, as well having access to system services, via the web pages or via shell (user accounts are provided at the system running Savane). Access to tracker item handling will depend on specific group member roles (we'll see this in more detail in the last chapter):

    • Technician

    • Manager

    • Manager and Technician

  4. Project administrators

    A user that registers a project becomes project administrator. Will be able to configure project's services and set access level for trackers and news.

  5. System (server) administrators: superuser

    Controls the whole platform, configuring services offered for different kinds of projects.

Levels of configuration

Configuration of a Savane site is therefore done at three different levels:

  1. Site administration

    Will define what services to implement in general, and will configure different group types with different default values and services.

    Can manage platform users and projects. (Delete, accept, assign to a group)

  2. Project administration

    Will inherit defaults and service settings from the group type it belongs to, but will be able to deactivate certain services, and customize certain artifacts. (If site administrators allow it, it will be possible to configure many of the project's links)

    Can accept users to the group, and manage roles of project members.

  3. Individual user account

    Personal information management, configuration of personal notifications.

Administration of a Savane powered site

A Savane powered site will be administered through a special kind of project, hosted at the own site, thus benefiting from all the tools provided for projects.

For example, site administrators' responsibility for approving/rejecting projects seeking hosting at the site is handled via the administration project's task tracker (new project request will appear as a new opened task).

The services that will be offered to projects are totally customizable by site administrators, who can chose to offer/deactivate different features or artifacts. One important feature of Savane is the "Group type" (=project type). Different types of projects can be defined by site administrators, setting different services and default values according to project nature. In this way, through a unique platform and application, administrators have the possibility to offer quite different services, and different levels of system access and customization, depending on project type.

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