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7.3 Initialization File

When you start smapc, it automatically executes commands from its initialization file, if such file exists. This file is located in your home directory and called .smapc.

Initialization file contains a series of smapc commands, as described in Interactive Mode, with the only difference that no command prefix is used by default. The ‘#’ character introduces a comment: any characters from (and including) ‘#’ up to the newline character are ignored9.

Init files are useful to change the defaults for your smapc invocation. Consider, for example, this init file:

# Turn welcome banner off
quiet yes
# Open the default connection
open inet://
# Use `aliases' as a default map
map aliases
# Finally, set the custom command prefix
prefix :

Notice, that if you wish to change your command prefix, it is preferable to do it as a last command in your init file, as shown in this example.



The same holds true for interactive mode as well, but you will hardly need comments on a terminal.