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6.3.2 Guile Output Ports

Guile modules are executed in a specially prepared environment. Current error port is redirected so that everything written to it ends up in the smapd error stream. So, if smapd is writing its log to syslog, everything you write to ‘(current-error-port)’ will be written to syslog as well. The port is line-buffered. For example, the following code:

 (lambda ()
   (display "The diagnostics follows:")
   (display "Module opened")

will result in two lines in your syslog file, which will look like

Jun 19 12:49:05 netbox smapd[7503]: The diagnostics follows
Jun 19 12:49:05 netbox smapd[7503]: Module opened

For any debugging output, use smap-debug-port. This port is configured so that everything written to it is explicitly marked as being debug output. If smapd logs to stderr, it will be prefixed with ‘DEBUG:’, and if it logs to syslog, the output will be logged with ‘LOG_DEBUG’ priority.

Finally, current output port is closed for any functions, excepting ‘query’ (see query-db). For ‘query’ function, it is redirected so that anything written to it is reformatted according to the socket map protocol (see Protocol) and sent back as a reply to the client.