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Appendix C Debug Categories

The following table describes the debug categories available in the smapd server (see debugging). For each category, the table gives its symbolic name, ordinal number (in parentheses), and a short description.

Particular modules may define their own debug categories.

smap (0)

Man smap functionality. Level ‘1’ includes some mild warnings, like, e.g. ‘ignoring master privilege settings’.

Level ‘10’ enables detailed protocol traces, which look like:

C: 22:mailertable,
S: 19:OK,
srvman (1)

Server manager, i.e. routines responsible for spawning children processes, controlling their number and lifetime, etc.

Level ‘1’ gives additional information about allowed connections and children exit codes.

Level ‘2’ gives insight to the server manager life cycle.

module (2)

Module subsystem: shows what modules and with what arguments are loaded, etc.

database (3)

Databases and their functionality.

query (4)

Query dispatcher.

conf (5)

Configuration file parser.

Level ‘1’ enables warnings about undefined variables.

Level ‘2’ displays each logical line and the result of expanding and splitting it.

Level ‘100’ enables wordsplitter debugging. This means a lot of cryptic output useful only to those who have a good knowledge of how the wordsplitter works.