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Concept Index

This is a general index of all issues discussed in this manual.

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Index Entry  Section

--usage, --usage option, smapc: Smap Invocation
--usage, --usage option, smapd: smapd-options

.smapc: Initialization File

/etc/hosts.allow: TCP wrappers
/etc/hosts.deny: TCP wrappers
/etc/ldap.conf: ldap
/etc/my.cnf: MySQL Configuration

a, --a option, smapc: Smap Invocation
allgroups: smapd-config
annotate: Command Summary
annotate, -annotate option, smapc: Smap Invocation
append-load-path: loadable modules
auth mode, mailutils: auth
auth, mailutils mode: mailutils

B, --B option, smapc: Smap Invocation
backlog: servers
backlog: smapd-config
base: LDAP Configuration
batch, -batch option, smapc: Smap Invocation
binddn: LDAP Configuration
bindpw: LDAP Configuration
bindpwfile: LDAP Configuration

c, --c option, smapd: smapd-options
category, debugging: debugging
close: Virtual Functions
close: Command Summary
close-db: Guile API
command line options: smapd-options
command prefix: Interactive Mode
comments, configuration: smapd-config
config, -config option, smapd: smapd-options
config-dump: load-mailutils
config-file: ldap
config-file, mysql: MySQL Configuration
config-group, mysql: MySQL Configuration
config-verbose: load-mailutils
configuration file, mailutils: load-mailutils
configuration file, smapd: smapd-config
configuration statement: smapd-config
connect_timeout, postgres option: Postgres Configuration

d, --d option, smapc: Smap Invocation
d, --d option, smapd: smapd-options
daemon name, TCP wrappers: TCP wrappers
database: databases
database: smapd-config
database: smapd-config
database, defined: Overview
database, mysql: MySQL Configuration
database, sed: sed database
database, smap: databases
db: expansion
dbname, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
debug: smapd-config
debug: guile
debug: Command Summary
debug category: debugging
debug level: debugging
debug, -debug option, smapc: Smap Invocation
debug, -debug option, smapd: smapd-options
debugging: debugging
debugging information: debugging
debugging specification: debugging
default: smapd-config
default map: Interactive Mode
default reply: Overview
default, dispatch condition: dispatch rules
diag: expansion
diagnostics: logging
dir: expansion
dispatch: dispatch rules
dispatch: smapd-config
dispatch rule, overview: Overview
dispatch rules: dispatch rules
done: Virtual Functions

e, --e option, smapd: smapd-options
echo: echo
escape expansion: smapd-config
escape sequences: smapd-config
exit codes: exit codes
expansion, variable: expansion
expression, regular: smapd-config
EX_CONFIG: exit codes
EX_OK: exit codes
EX_UNAVAILABLE: exit codes
EX_USAGE: exit codes

f, --f option, smapd: smapd-options
F, --F option, smapd: smapd-options
FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: Copying This Manual
field splitting: smapd-config
filter: LDAP Filter and SMAP Replies
foreground: smapd-config
foreground, -foreground option, smapd: smapd-options
from: dispatch rules
from: smapd-config
from: smapd-config
from: smapd-config

g, transform flag: s-expressions
gecos: expansion
gid: expansion
globbing patterns: smapd-config
group: smapd-config
Guile API: Guile API
guile module: guile

h, --h option, smapc: Smap Invocation
h, --h option, smapd: smapd-options
help: Command Summary
help, -help option, smapc: Smap Invocation
help, -help option, smapd: smapd-options
history: Command Summary
host, mysql: MySQL Configuration
host, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
hostaddr, postgres option: Postgres Configuration

i, --i option, smapd: smapd-options
i, transform flag: s-expressions
idle-timeout: smapd-config
inetd mode: operation modes
inetd, -inetd option, smapd: smapd-options
inetd-mode: smapd-config
init: Virtual Functions
init file: Initialization File
init-args: guile
init-args: guile
init-fun: guile
init-fun: guile
init-fun: Guile Initialization
init-script: guile
init-script: guile
init-script: Guile Initialization
initialization file: Initialization File
interactive mode: Interactive Mode
interactive mode, smapc: smapc

join-delim: LDAP Filter and SMAP Replies

key: expansion
key: smapd-config
key, mysql: MySQL Query and SMAP Replies
key, postgres: Postgres Query and SMAP Replies
krbsrvname, postgres option: Postgres Configuration

l, --l option, smapd: smapd-options
L, --L option, smapd: smapd-options
LDAP: ldap
ldap module: ldap
LD_LIBRARY_PATH: loadable modules
level, debugging: debugging
lint, -lint option, smapd: smapd-options
load path: loadable modules
load-path: loadable modules
load-path: smapd-config
load-path: guile
log-facility: smapd-config
log-facility, -log-facility option, smapd: smapd-options
log-tag: smapd-config
log-tag, -log-tag option, smapd: smapd-options
log-to-stderr: smapd-config
log-to-syslog: smapd-config
logging: logging
long option form: smapd-options
LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH: loadable modules

mailbox: expansion
mailutils: mailutils
mailutils configuration file: load-mailutils
map: dispatch rules
map: expansion
map: smapd-config
map: Command Summary
map: Interactive Mode
Map (MTA abstraction layer): Intro
map, mysql: MySQL Query and SMAP Replies
map, postgres: Postgres Query and SMAP Replies
max-children: servers
max-children: smapd-config
mbq mode, mailutils: auth
mbq, mailutils mode: mailutils
mbsize: expansion
mbsize: mbq
MeTA1: MeTA1
mode, inetd: operation modes
mode, smapc: smapc
mode, standalone: operation modes
modes, operation: operation modes
module: loadable modules
module: smapd-config
module installation directory: modules
module load path: loadable modules
module, defined: Overview
modules: loadable modules
msgsize: expansion
msgsize: mbq
MTA: Intro
mysql module: mysql

name: expansion
negative-reply: load-mailutils
negative-reply: db-mailutils
negative-reply: LDAP Filter and SMAP Replies
negative-reply: sed module
negative-reply, mysql: MySQL Query and SMAP Replies
negative-reply, mysql: Postgres Query and SMAP Replies
nodebug: guile
nomap: Command Summary
nomap: Interactive Mode
norc, -norc option, smapc: Smap Invocation
not: smapd-config

onerror-reply: load-mailutils
onerror-reply: db-mailutils
onerror-reply: LDAP Filter and SMAP Replies
onerror-reply: sed module
onerror-reply, mysql: MySQL Query and SMAP Replies
onerror-reply, mysql: Postgres Query and SMAP Replies
open: Virtual Functions
open: Command Summary
open: Interactive Mode
open-db: Guile API
operation modes: operation modes
option, long form: smapd-options
option, short form: smapd-options
options, command line: smapd-options
options, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
output ports, Guile: Guile Output Ports

p, --p option, smapc: Smap Invocation
p, --p option, smapd: smapd-options
passwd: expansion
password, mysql: MySQL Configuration
password, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
pattern, globbing: smapd-config
patterns in query traces: debugging
pidfile: smapd-config
port, mysql: MySQL Configuration
port, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
positive-reply: load-mailutils
positive-reply: db-mailutils
positive-reply: LDAP Filter and SMAP Replies
positive-reply: sed module
positive-reply, mysql: MySQL Query and SMAP Replies
positive-reply, mysql: Postgres Query and SMAP Replies
Postgres module: postgres
prefix: Command Summary
prefix, command: Interactive Mode
prepend-load-path: loadable modules
privileges, runtime: privileges
prompt: Command Summary
prompt, -prompt option, smapc: Smap Invocation

Q, --Q option, smapc: Smap Invocation
q, --q option, smapc: Smap Invocation
query: Virtual Functions
query traces: debugging
query, mysql: MySQL Query and SMAP Replies
query, mysql: Postgres Query and SMAP Replies
query-db: Guile API
quiet: Command Summary
quiet, -quiet option, smapc: Smap Invocation
quit: Command Summary
quit: Interactive Mode
quota: expansion
quote removal: smapd-config

readline: Interactive Mode
regular expressions: smapd-config
reply, default: Overview
reuseaddr: servers
reuseaddr: smapd-config
rules, dispatch: dispatch rules
runtime privileges: privileges

S, --S option, smapc: Smap Invocation
s, --s option, smapc: Smap Invocation
s, --s option, smapd: smapd-options
s-expression: s-expressions
sed databases: sed database
sed module: sed
sed, loading the module: sed module
sed, using for lookups: sed lookups
server: servers
server: smapd-config
server: smapd-config
server: Command Summary
server configuration: servers
server, -server option, smapc: Smap Invocation
service, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
setuid: privileges
shell: expansion
short option form: smapd-options
shutdown-timeout: smapd-config
single query mode: Single Query Mode
single query mode, smapc: smapc
single-process: servers
single-process: smapd-config
single-process, -single-process option, smapd: smapd-options
smap architecture: Overview
smap, description of: Intro
smap-debug-port: Guile Output Ports
smapc, socket client utility: smapc
smapd: smapd
smapd: Overview
smapd, alternative configuration file for: smapd
smapd, configuration checking: smapd
socket map: Intro
socket map protocol: Protocol
socket, mysql: MySQL Configuration
socket-mode: servers
socket-mode: smapd-config
socket-owner: servers
sockmap: Intro
source: Command Summary
source, -source option, smapc: Smap Invocation
specification, debugging: debugging
ssl-ca, mysql: MySQL Configuration
sslcert, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
sslcrl, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
sslkey, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
sslmode, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
sslrootcert, postgres option: Postgres Configuration
standalone mode: operation modes
statement, configuration: smapd-config
stderr, -stderr option, smapd: smapd-options
syslog: logging
syslog, -syslog option, smapd: smapd-options

T, --T option, smapc: Smap Invocation
t, --t option, smapd: smapd-options
T, --T option, smapd: smapd-options
TCP wrappers: servers
TCP Wrappers: TCP wrappers
tls-cacert: LDAP Configuration
tls_cacert: LDAP Configuration
trace: smapd-config
trace patterns: debugging
trace, -trace option, smapc: Smap Invocation
trace, -trace option, smapd: smapd-options
trace-pattern: smapd-config
trace-pattern, -trace-pattern option, smapd: smapd-options
tracing queries: debugging

uid: expansion
uri: LDAP Configuration
URL: servers
user: smapd-config
user, mysql: MySQL Configuration
user, postgres option: Postgres Configuration

V, --V option, smapc: Smap Invocation
V, --V option, smapd: smapd-options
variable expansion: expansion
variable substitution: smapd-config
version: Command Summary
version, -version option, smapc: Smap Invocation
version, -version option, smapd: smapd-options
virtual functions, guile module: Virtual Functions

warranty: Command Summary

x, transform flag: s-expressions
xform: Virtual Functions
xform-db: Guile API

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