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3.8 Using MeTA1 Configuration File

MeTA1 is a mail transfer agent of new generation, designed to replace Sendmail in the future ( It has a modular structure, each module being a component responsible for a particular task. The components are configured in the MeTA1 configuration file /etc/meta1/meta1.conf.

Pies can take a list of components directly from MeTA1 configuration file:

Config: include-meta1 file

Parse file as MeTA1 configuration file and incorporate components defined there into the current component list.

For example:

include-meta1 /etc/meta1/meta1.conf;

Thus, you can use pies instead of the default MeTA1 program manager mcp. This is particularly useful if you use ‘Mailfromd’ ( to control the mail flow.

To ensure compatibility with MeTA1, the components read from its configuration file are started in the reverse order (i.e. from last to first), and stopped in the order of their appearance in file.

The following pies statements are silently applied to all MeTA1 components:

allgroups yes;
stderr file compname.log
chdir queue-dir

Here, compname stands for the name of the component, and queue-dir stands for the name of MeTA1 queue directory. The latter is /var/spool/meta1 by default. It can be changed using the following statement:

Config: meta1-queue-dir dir

Set name of MeTA1 queue directory.

To override any default settings for a MeTA1 component, add a command section with the desired settings after including meta1.conf. For example, here is how to redirect the standard error of the ‘smtps’ component to ‘local1.debug’ syslog channel:

include-meta1 /etc/meta1/meta1.conf

component smtps {
  stderr syslog local1.debug;

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