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C.4 /alive

This entry point accepts only ‘GET’ requests. The URI must not be empty and must not include sub-directories (parts separated with slashes). It is treated as the name of the component to return the status of. E.g. querying ‘/alive/foo’ returns the status of the component named ‘foo’. The status is returned as HTTP status code:


The component is up and running. For regular components that means that the corresponding program is running. For ‘inetd’ components that means that the listener is listening on the configured socket.


No component specified.


There is no such component.


The component is not running. This means that it has failed, or has been stopped administratively or (for ‘once’ and ‘startup’ components) that it has run once and finished.

If the component has failed, the ‘Retry-After:’ HTTP header contains the number of seconds after which pies will retry starting this component.