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Appendix B User-Group ACLs

This appendix describes the ‘user-group’ extension for GNU Pies ACLs. This extension is reserved for the future use.

The user-group ACL statement specifies which users match this entry. Allowed values are the following:


All users.


Only authenticated users.

group group-list

Authenticated users which are members of at least one of groups listed in group-list.

For example, the following statement defines an ACL which allows access for any user connected via local UNIX socket /tmp/pies.sock or coming from a local network ‘’. Any authenticated users are allowed, provided that they are allowed by another ACLmy-nets’ (which should have been defined before this definition). Users coming from the network ‘’ are allowed if they authenticate themselves and are members of groups ‘pies’ or ‘users’. Access is denied for anybody else:

acl {
    allow all from ("/tmp/pies.sock", "");
    allow authenticated acl "my-nets";
    allow group ("pies", "users") from "";
    deny all;