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3.11 State Files

Pies uses several files to keep its state information. The directory which hosts these files is called state directory, it is usually /var/pies or /usr/local/var/pies). The state directory can be configured at run time:

Config: state-directory dir

Set the program state directory.

The table below describes the files kept in the state directory. The instance in this table stands for the pies instance name (see instances). Usually, it is ‘pies’.

The PID file. It keeps the PID number of the running pies instance.


The Quotation-of-the-day file. It is used by the ‘qotd’ built-in service (see qotd).

The following statements allow to redefine state file names. Use them only if the defaults do not suit your needs, and neither the state-directory statement nor the --instance option can help:

Config: pidfile file

Sets the PID file name.

Config: qotd-file file-name

Sets the name of the ‘quotation-of-the-day’ file.

The following statements are retained for compatibility with earlier pies versions. They are silently ignored:

Config: control-file arg
Config: stat-file arg