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3.2.3 Resources

Config: component: limits string

Impose limits on system resources, as defined by the string argument. It consists of commands, optionally separated by any amount of whitespace. A command is a single command letter followed by a number, that specifies the limit. The command letters are case-insensitive and coincide with those used by the shell ulimit utility:

CommandThe limit it sets
Amax address space (KB)
Cmax core file size (KB)
Dmax data size (KB)
Fmaximum file size (KB)
Mmax locked-in-memory address space (KB)
Nmax number of open files
Rmax resident set size (KB)
Smax stack size (KB)
Tmax CPU time (MIN)
Umax number of processes
Pprocess priority -20..20 (negative = high priority)

Table 3.2: Limit Command Letters

For example:

limits T10 R20 U16 P20

Additionally, the command letter ‘L’ is recognized. It is reserved for future use (‘number of logins’ limit) and is ignored in version 1.5.

Config: component: umask number

Set the umask. The number must be an octal value not greater than ‘777’. The default umask is inherited at startup.

Config: component: max-instances n

Sets the maximum number of simultaneously running instances of this component.