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10 Pies Invocation

This section summarizes pies command line options.

-c file

Read configuration from file, instead of the default /etc/pies.conf.

See Configuration.


Show configuration file summary. See Configuration.

-D symbol[=value]

Define symbol sym as having value, or empty, if the value is not given. See Preprocessor.

-x level

Set debug verbosity level. See Pies Debugging, for a description of level.


Dump dependency map. See dump-depmap.


Don’t assume init mode (see Init Process) if running with PID 1. See Docker Entrypoint.


List dependencies for components named in the command line. Without arguments, dependencies for each component are listed. See trace-depend.


List prerequisites for components named in the command line. Without arguments, prerequisites for each component are listed. See trace-prereq.


Emulate the telinit legacy interface. The rest of command line following this option is processed as telinit options. See telinit command, for a detailed description of these.


Preprocess configuration file and exit. See Preprocessor.


Force startup even if another instance may be running.


Remain in foreground.


Display a short usage summary and exit.


Run in inetd-compatibility mode. It is roughly equivalent to pies --instance=inetd --syntax=inetd. See inetd.

-I dir

Add directory dir to the list of directories to be scanned for include files. See include search path.


Define the name of the pies instance. See instances.


Show source info with debugging messages. See source-info.


Start piesctl list to obtain information about the running processes. See piesctl list.


Log to standard error.


Stop the running instance. This is equivalent to running piesctl shutdown.


Define the syntax for parsing the configuration files specified by any --config-file options that follow this one. Possible values for type are:


Native pies configuration. See Configuration.


Inetd’-style configuration files. See inetd.conf.


meta1’-style configuration files. See include-meta1.


Inittab’ file. See Init Process.

See config syntax, for a detailed description of this option.


Log to syslog. This is the default.


Set maximum connection rate (connections per second) for inetd-style components. See inetd component rate.


Reread the configuration files. This is equivalent to running piesctl config reload (see config reload).


Restart components named in the command line. See pies-restart.


Display program version and license information and exit.

-U sym

Undefine symbol sym. See Preprocessor.


Display a short summary of available options and exit.

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