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8.2 Using Pies to Run Pmult and MeTA1

The example below is a working configuration file for running pmult and all components of MeTA1, configured in /etc/meta1/meta1.conf. The global return-code statement is used to configure pies behavior for some exit codes.

# Sample pies configuration for running pmult and MeTA1

# Special handling for exit codes that mean the program was
# incorrectly used or misconfigured.
return-code (EX_USAGE, EX_CONFIG) {
  action disable;
  notify "root";
  message <<- EOT
    From: Pies <>
    X-Agent: ${canonical_program_name} (${package} ${version})
    Subject: Component ${component} disabled.
    Component "${component}" has terminated with code ${retcode},
    which means it encountered some configuration problem.
    I will not restart it automatically.  Please fix its configuration
    and restart it manually at your earliest convenience.
    To restart, run ``${program_name} -R ${component}''

component pmult {
  command "/usr/local/sbin/pmult";
  user meta1s;
  stderr syslog err;
  stdout syslog info;

include-meta1 "/etc/meta1/meta1.conf";