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acvmodAutoconf macros for use in writing Varnish modules (vmods).Software
AlckAlck checks one or several sendmail-style alias files for consistency. Software
Apache::Config::PreprocPreprocess Apache configuration fileSoftware
Apache::DefaultsObtain default settings of the Apache httpd daemonSoftware
apoutApout is a simulator of a PDP-11 machine, written by Warren Toomey. This is a modified version, containing several enhancements that allow to run a.out binaries from the earliest UNIX distributions.Software
BEAMBackup Easy And Manageable -- a suite of backup programs Software
Blogger SansSoftware
blogRight!A small blogging engine.Software
cfpeekA parser and look-up utility for structured configuration files.Software
Cheetah NewsA personal web-based news aggregator (a feed reader).Software
dnstoolsA set of tools for DNS management and other DNS-related tasks.Software
EclatEC2 Command Line Administrator ToolSoftware
ellinikaEllinika is a source tree for a site dedicated to learning modern Greek. The page provides both grammar description and online dictionaries.Software
extransThese are the modified sources of Romuald Texier's eXtrans.Software
fileservSimple HTTP server for serving static filesSoftware
FOAF.VixA visualizer and relation explorer for FOAF (Friend of a Friend) files.Software
Formalization of mathematics in higher order logic (HOL4 proof assistant)An archive of computer-verified formalizations of mathematics in HOL4.Software
gammaGAMMA stands for a Guile Archive of Multiple Modules with 'A' just for the 'A' of it.Software
gentium-tug: Gentium and Gentium Plus for TeXThe gentium-tug package provides (La)TeX support for the Gentium and Gentium Plus fonts from SIL (, including the fonts in Type 1 format.Software
GINTGINT (Guile Integration Framework)Software
gitaclhookControl updates to git repositories using ACLs.Software
gjdictGjdict is a japanese dictionary for X11.Software
glacierCommand line tool for managing AWS GlacierSoftware

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