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Free Software

This module provides enhanced variable support for VCL scripts.
It compiles for Varnish versions 3 and 4.

There are two kinds of variables: session-specific, which have the lifespan of one HTTP session (connection) and cease to exist when it is closed, and global, which are shared between all sessions.

The module contains functions for setting variables and retrieval of their values as well as functions for testing for variable existence and types.

This module is not to be confused with vmod_var.

Registration Date: Fri Feb 13 12:00:51 2015
License: GNU General Public License V3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


Latest News 
Version 1.4
     posted by gray, Thu Apr 9 07:36:54 2020 - 0 replies

Version 1.4 is available for download.

Version 1.3
     posted by gray, Mon Dec 10 13:08:36 2018 - 0 replies

Version 1.3 (with support for Varnish 6.0.2) is available for download.

Version 1.2
     posted by gray, Fri Aug 11 12:17:42 2017 - 0 replies

Version 1.2 is available for download. This version introduces support for Varnish 5.1.

Version 1.1 is available
     posted by gray, Sun Aug 6 15:27:36 2017 - 0 replies

This version features improved configuration script. The --with-varnish-source option has been withdrawn, the actual location of varnish header files and libraries being determined by means of pkg-config.

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