7.4 Smap Invocation

The following table summarizes the options available for smapc. For each option a description is given and a cross reference is provided to more in-depth explanation in the body of the manual.


Enable batch mode. This mode is optimized for reading input from files. The startup banner is suppressed, editing capabilities and input history are disabled, and input prompt is not shown. This mode is enabled automatically if smapd detects that its standard input is not connected to a terminal.

-p string

Change command prompt. See smapc-prompt.


Do not print the normal welcome banner. See smapc-quiet.


Do not read initialization file. See section Initialization File.

-S url

Connect to server at the given url. See smapc-open.

-s addr

Set source address. See smapc-source.


Enable query traces. See section traces.

-d spec
-x spec

Set debug verbosity level. See section Debugging information, for a detailed description. The ‘-x’ alias is for compatibility with version 1.0 and will be removed in subsequent releases.


Give a short summary of available command line options.


Display a list of available command line options.


Print program version and exit.