It's supposed to be written SLAYER here...

SLAYER framework
for 3d/multimedia apps
in Guile Scheme

(about SLAYER)

The aim of SLAYER is to deliver a portable environment for developing 3d/multimedia applications in the Scheme programming language.

It currently uses the Guile Scheme as its base, and is known to work under Linux and Windows (with the pre-compiled binary version available for the latter).

SLAYER comes bundled with a set of demos that show the spectrum of its possibilities. You can take a glimpse of them in the screenshots section, or analyse them in more details by obtaining and running them.

SLAYER is free software and is provided under the terms of GNU General Public License.

Note that in order to build SLAYER, you'll need the following libraries (and their dependencies, of course): libguile-2.0, SDL 1.2, SDL_image, SDL_ttf, and optionally SDL_mixer and some implementation of OpenGL (with headers).