GNU Rush – a restricted user shell (split by node):   Section:   Chapter:FastBack: Configuration File   Up: Modifying variables   FastForward: Default Configuration   Contents: Table of ContentsIndex: Concept Index The remopt statement

The remopt statement removes from the command line all occurrences of the supplied option.

rule: remopt sopt
rule: remopt sopt lopt

Remove from the command line all occurrences of the short option described by sopt. The sopt argument is the short option letter, optionally followed by a colon if that option takes a mandatory argument, or by two colons if it takes an optional argument.

Optional lopt supplies a long option equivalent to sopt. If no short option equivalent exists, use ‘_’ as sopt, eventually followed by ‘:’ or ‘::’.

For example, to remove all occurrences of the -r (--root) option that takes a mandatory argument, use:

remopt r: root