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9 The rushwho utility.

The rushwho utility displays a list of users who are currently using rush. The utility operates on default Rush database, which is maintained if rush runs in accounting mode (see Accounting and Forked Mode). The following is a sample output from rushwho:

Login      Rule     Start     Time       PID      Command
jeff       sftp     Sun 12:17 00:58:26   10673    bin/sftp-server

The information displayed is:


The login name of the user.


The tag of the rule he is served under (see tag).


Time when the rule began execution.


Duration of the session.


PID of the running command.


Command line being executed.

This format is a built-in default. It may be changed either by setting the RUSHWHO_FORMAT environment variable to the desired format string, or by using --format command line option.