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3.9 Global Configuration

The statements described in this section affect pies behavior as a whole.

Config: syslog { … }

This block statement configures logging via syslog. It has two substatements:

Config: syslog: tag string

Prefix syslog messages with this string. By default, the program name is used.

Config: syslog: facility string

Set syslog facility to use. Allowed values are: ‘user’, ‘daemon’, ‘auth’, ‘authpriv’, ‘mail’, ‘cron’, ‘local0’ through ‘local7’ (case-insensitive), or a facility number.

Config: umask number

Set the default umask. The number must be an octal value not greater than ‘777’. The default umask is inherited at startup.

Config: limits arg

Set global system limits for all pies components. See limits, for a detailed description of arg.

Config: return-code { … }

Configure global exit actions. See Exit Actions, for a detailed description of this statement.

Config: shutdown-timeout number;

Wait number of seconds for all components to shut down. Default is 5 seconds.