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The tables below summarize flags which can be used in the class_source argument to dspam function. The argument is a bitwise OR of classification and source bits. At most one classification and one source bit can be given. If not supplied, ‘DSR_NONE|DSS_NONE’ is used.

The classification flags are also used as the return code, as shown in the following table.

ModeAs return valueAs argument
DSR_NONEN/AClassify message
DSR_ISSPAMMessage is spamLearn as spam
DSR_ISINNOCENTMessage is innocentLearn as innocent

Table 5.6: DSPAM Classification

DSS_NONENo classification source (use only with DSR_NONE)
DSS_ERRORMisclassification by libdspam
DSS_CORPUSMessage came from a corpus feed
DSS_INOCULATIONMessage inoculation

Table 5.7: DSPAM Source