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Appendix A Gacopyz

Gacopyz, panie, to mówią ze to mysa... Ze to tako mysa co świeckę w kościele zjadła i wniebowstąpienia dostąpiła. A to nie je mysa, ino gacopyz! To nadprzyrodzłyne, to głową na dół śpi!

Kazimierz Grześkowiak

Gacopyz’ is the client library implementing Milter protocol. It differs considerably from the Sendmail implementation and offers a new and more flexible API. The old API is supported for compatibility with libmilter.

The library name comes from the song ‘Rozprawa o robokach’ by Kazimierz Grzeskowiak. The phrase ‘A to nie je mysa, ino gacopyz’ exactly describes what the library is: ‘That is no libmilter, but gacopyz’.

Future versions of this documentation will include a detailed description of the library.